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(More functions will be added in future version. Please rate it kindly on market. Thanks!:)This is an app which can help you to keep privacy information. It has:Keep privacyNo AD, no third-party plugin, no root permission required, even no internet access permission! It is IMPOSSIBLE to send any data out by this app! :)Security LoginUse password login or pattern login, no register required. Password login uses 6~32 digital numbers and pattern login uses 16 points or 9 points pattern.Full data encryption (AES strength)All data you enter will be encrypted before save! It is tough task to decrypt the data even your data is exposed by some reason.Text NoteUser can save privacy note with this app, do not afraid of be watched by "CLOUD", swpie to mark it as finished or not, set diff importance level, sort note with diff ways, also can share to others...ChecklistChecklist is a collection of note, can be easily used for check check item of same job (e.g. travel requirement). All check item is same function as text note.Picture NotePick a picture from album or take photo from camera, the app will encrypt it and save. After that user can view/browse pictures inside the app without decrypt data to external file! Of course, user can send picture to others with share function. :)Password BankNowadays, we have too many accounts/passwords to remember. Same passwords are dangerous, diff passwords are difficult to remember, so you can save them in security password bank (SPB)! It also suuport add multi account to same site easily.Sync Encrypted DataUser can sync encrypted data with "Droidsail DataSync" between local device (phone/table) and selected web drive (Dropbox, Google Drive). Data are keep encrypted on web drive which is safe for user data (no privacy risk even for sync)!:-)Optimized UI for padAuto detect screen size and fit it, especially for pad. Very small package sizeThe unit is KBytes! Most similar app takes x MBytes!

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