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DESCRIPTION *** English unit version ***DUCTSIZER is an HVAC duct sizing Application software developed to help HVAC Engineers, Architects, HVAC contractors and other HVAC related professionals to design new duct systems and evaluate existing duct systems. This Application is more accurate compared to the old cardboard, rotary or sliding type duct sizers which are designed only for a certain air density. This application will allow you to change the air temperature inside the duct which also changes the density of the air. In addition, the Application also provides calculations of the duct heat loss or gain based on the insulation R value used. It also calculates the total square footage of ductwork required for round and rectangular duct sizes at different aspect ratios. This App provides six (6) different calculation procedures:1. Size duct based on CFM flow rate and friction loss.2. Size duct based on CFM flow rate and air velocity.3. Calculate friction loss of round duct based on duct size and CFM flow rate.4. Calculate friction loss of rectangular duct based on duct size and CFM flow rate.5. Calculate round duct cfm flow rate capacity based on duct size and friction loss.6. Calculate rectangular duct cfm flow rate capacity based on duct size and friction loss.The calculation default settings can be changed for:1. Different types of duct materials or absolute roughness.2. Length of ductwork.3. Air temperature flow inside the duct.4. Air temperature outside the duct.5. Duct insulation R value or R = 0 for no insulation.The calculation result includes:1. Round duct size.2. Duct air velocity.3. Duct friction loss.4. Equivalent rectangular duct size with aspect ratio from 1 to 4.5. Duct total surface area.6. Duct heat gain or loss. Accuracy check:Compare results with Friction Chart for round ducts in ASHRAE Fundamentals Handbook Duct Design Chapter.Minimum Phone Display Size: 480 pixels x 800pixels

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