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MORE THAN AN APP – A COMPLETE EMERGENCY MEDICAL RECORDS SYSTEMDesigned with Doctors & EMTs, E-mergency helps save lives by getting your emergency medical records (EMR) to Emergency Responders instantly - while it notifies your loved ones and medical contacts with your GPS location. E-mergency is a complete EMR system that protects you, your family, or groups, with: • Android (& iPhone) apps (more apps coming)• GPS notification system • Browser-viewable backup EMR website(s) – in case of phone failure• Easily-managed Account site (you, family, group) • Custom printable "EMT-alert" cards • PII-free, HIPAA compliant securityFREE APPS, PAID ACCOUNTS – WHY?E-mergency is cloud-distributed & works on Androids, iPhones & any Internet-enabled phone, pad, or computer. A single Account protects you, your family, or a group – so it makes no sense to charge you for every app. Instead, we charge once for your Account – and you can have as many apps on as many phones as you like.The free E-mergency app contains a demo, plus a link where you set up your medical records, contacts, & print your Alert Cards. Your Account costs $8.95/year plus a one-time setup of .95 for each additional member. There’s no limit to the members you can have. NOW - you can help support medical research - plus SAVE $1 - when you click the special purchase code at: WE’RE HERE TO HELP: HAVE A CONCERN…CONTACT USThis five-star review got it right:“Absolutely wonderful app, great customer service...thank u for calling me back promptly, answering my questions and giving me even more helpful tips!”We respond to our customers quickly & go overboard to help, even calling customers to walk them thru difficulties.Also, if anyone reports a problem with the app, we check it out and fix it (if necessary) fast. So if you have a difficulty; please ask us about it before resorting to downgrading reviews. We’re happy to help!We've had reviews downgrading E-mergency because:• we have a free app, but charge for your Account - although we spell that out up front. • we didn’t load on one person’s Droid X – we checked it out and we loaded fine on the DX. • someone “couldn’t load” themselves – although we have lots of users who have had no problem setting E-mergency up. Bottom line, we’re here to help, so please ask us first! E-MERGENCY, the COMPLETE SYSTEMIn an emergency EMTs arrive knowing nothing about you or your loved ones. So they’re operating in the dark, risking dangerous medical errors. With E-mergency, EMTs find your alert card, click the heart icon on your phone, and immediately access your – and your loved ones - vital information, medical allergies, medications…everything they need for informed treatments that avoid medical errors.Meanwhile, E-mergency notifies your contacts of the incident with your GPS location. So your loved ones can find you – or you can find them – fast.E-mergency provides double protection - a backup website in case your phone is broken or lost. EMTs access your E-mergency EMR site on their phones or laptops. Because you control Account access with your password, there’s no Personally Identifiable Information (PII) associated with your records - E-mergency is immune to medical ID theft and HIPAA compliant. E-mergency is the complete personal emergency medical system with everything you need for your, your family’s, or your group’s safety in a medical emergency.Download E-mergency and watch the demo for free.

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