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The Most Famous, The Scariest, The Top Secret, The Odd, Ect… Places On Earth. You Zoom in from Space. NEW LOCATIONS ADDED WEEKLY!! Earth Zoom Pro has a Zoom from Space to Ground level. All these places are bookmarked on a click of a button and you are there. Famous Places– Machu Picchu, Petra, The Forbidden City, Pyramids, Taj Mahal More….Top Secret Places Declassified– Mt. Weather, Nato Main Satellite, Secret Russian Underground Sub Base, More…Most Haunted Places — Exorcist House, Salem Witch House, Franklin Castle, More….Odd Places– Water Structures, Tree Patterns , Odd Bumps,Blood Lakes, More…..Theme Parks — Disneyland, Cedar Point, Knotts Berry, Universal, More…..Worlds Tallest Buildings — Burj Dubai , Sears Tower, Taipei 101, More…Much More…. Send your Locations IN. We just need Geographical Longitude and Latitude.Turn off GPS if you dont need directions to site. If you Keep your phones GPS on it makes it harder to zoom to locations because your location will be on map too. GPS should be turned off anyway because it uses 50% of battery life.

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