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Myths from the depths of time that hint of other, far more Ancient civilizations. Bizarre accounts of strange and unknown technologies. Tales of ancient gods, flying craft and ancient foes waging great wars against each other, wars that were fought with fantastic and devastating weapons. Remains of immensely ancient and enigmatic structures of unknown origin. Amazing pyramids, megalithic stone cities and magnificent structures of intricate difficulty, built in ways that are utterly unknown to us. Strange and incongruous artifacts built by amazing and unknown technology. Cave paintings depicting seemingly impossible scenes. The fulfillment of dark prophecies and much much more!Fact or Fiction?You Decide.Table of Contents1.Enigma & Conspiracy2.Riddles from the PastThe Piri Reis Map of 1513The Orontius Fineus Map of 1531The Bauche Map of 1737The Franco Rosselli Map of 1508The Mercater Map of 1538The Egyptian PyramidAztec Earplugs?The Lost NecklaceThe Mysterious Metal VaseThe Puma Punka StoneThe Nasca LinesThe Ica StonesAncient NanotechnologyA 500,000 year old Spark PlugStone Age Modern Hand ToolsA Fossilized Human HandprintAn Ancient Calculator?BaalbeckAn Iron Pot in CoalEvidence of Advanced Medical KnowledgeA Petrified Human SkullAncient ElectricityAn Ancient X-Ray MachineA Fossilized Human ShoeprintThe Dropa StonesA Fossilized Human FingerA Brass Bell in CoalThe Rhodesian ManA Pillar of much too Pure Iron2.8 Billion year old Metal SpheresThe Crystal SkullsThe Nampa ImageThe DogonThe Giant Stone Balls of Costa RicaThe Lanzhou StoneThe Colorado PavementThe Kentucky PavementA Fruit that really shouldn't existLoose Ends3.Of Lost Explorers and Ancient MysteriesA Lost FrontierFawcett's TaleImpossible BuildingsSoftening Stone with Plant Extracts4.A Valley of KingsThe Giza Valley ComplexThe Great PyramidThe SphinxInvestigations of the FactsThe Date or not the Date?Stone Synthesis according to the AncientsModern Techniques for Synthesizing Limestone5. The Death of a GodThe Broken GodA Dragon Whips its TailStrange ConnectionsPart Two:Investigation6. The Lost LandsA Sunken WorldThe Golden EmpirePossible Physical EvidenceGreat Southern LandTracing the Outline7. The Case for Ancient FlightThe Story of Icarus and DaedalusBabylonChinaIndiaEgyptColumbiaThe Amazing Vymaanika-Shaastra8. The Remapping of PrehistoryFact vs. Fiction?Door Number ThreeWings in the NightThe Dragons of St. GeorgeGradualism vs. CataclysmThe Flipping of the Mill9. The Tale of the SumeriansThe Art of TranslationIn the Real BeginningThe Epic of CreationTales of Gods and MenAfter the DelugeThe Downfall of Kings10. The MayaThe Story of the MayaThe Luck of CortezQuetzalcoatlPart Three:Analysis11. Creation ConnectionsConnecting the DotsManco Capac & The Golden WandThe Lost Mines of the Gods12. The Signs of WarThe Evidence for Ancient Advanced WeaponryCastles of GlassThe Radioactive Skeletons of IndiaThe Shattered DesertTektitesThe Harpoon of HorusThe Mysterious Sinai13. The Grand DeceptionThe Cover Up in MotionA Mosaic of HistoryThe Politics of ControlOf Hobbits, Dinosaurs & Alphabets14. Forgotten CodesThe Great PuzzleScience and ReligionDivine Codes15. AfterthoughtsA God of Science & NumbersOur Newest NeighborA New DoctrinePart Four:AppendicesAppendix 1.A History in MythAppendix 2.The Enuma ElishAppendix 3.The Mayan CalendarAppendix 4.The Hopi Blue Star Prophecy

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