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If you can’t find apps, Easy App Launcher will certain help you. ・Accidently closed an app that you are using・Back to Homepage after waking up from sleep・Can’t find the app you want・etc.Easy App Launcher is the one you are looking for.【Launch for the first time】■Set up Easy App Launcher via widget【Basic operations】■Click icon to start off■When there are over 6 apps, click arrow to scroll■X Quit running apps(Can’t use in history record or Mylist)■Launch Easy App Launcher via setting button. Feel free to change the list displayed in widget or customize favorite list(default display ""recently used applications"")【Miscellaneous】■ ON / OFF operation of the vibration■ Deleting a host on my list■ Editing the host on my list■ Uninstalling the app selection■ Changing the position of the scroll button from the configuration of Ujetto■ Changing the design of the Ujetto from the configuration

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