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BMI = Body Mass IndexFor a given height, BMI is proportional to mass.THIS APPLICATION (EASY BMI) IS A SIMPLE CALCULATOR OF BMI.This is the latest BMI Calculator, which has been made by studying features and users problems (in comments) of other similar applications.You can download and keep this calculator on your phone, as we will be coming up with many new exciting features, to enhance your Health and lifestyle.BMI is meant to be used as a simple means of classifying sedentary (physically inactive) individuals with an average body composition. The current value settings are as follows: a BMI of 20 to 25 may indicate optimal weight; a BMI lower than 20 suggests the person is underweight while a number above 25 may indicate the person is overweight; a person may have a BMI below 20 due to disease; a number above 30 suggests the person is obese.Features:----------------* Units: metric(cm - kg)/imperial(lbs - inches)Unit of Measurement:----------------------------THE HEIGHT IS IN INCHES, YOU CAN CHANGE THE UNIT TO CM or FEETNote:-----------THE PROVIDED BMI RANGE TABLE IS A "GENERAL" READING TABLE.--HOWEVER, IT APPLIES WITHOUT DISTINCTION TO (ADULTS) - MEN AND WOMEN. --YOU'RE NOT NECESSARILY UNDERWEIGHT or OVERWEIGHT, IF YOUR BMI VARIES BY 0.1 FROM THE NORMAL RANGE.--BUT IF IT VARIES BY 1 OR MORE FROM THE NORMAL RANGE, THE READING TABLE WILL APPLY.--BMI IS A SIMPLE "NUMBER". IT IS USED WITH OTHER TOOLS FOR SHAPING A PROFILE OF HEALTH.--RESULT IS VALID FOR CHILDREN/ADULTS(male/female) (but not for the muscular persons). BUT NORMAL RANGE TABLE IS PROVIDED FOR ADULTS ONLY.Disclaimer:-------------------ONLY A DOCTOR WITH YOUR HISTORY OF HEALTH, YOUR BMI, ETC. CAN GIVE MORE INFO ABOUT YOUR HEALTH/OVERWEIGHT/ETC accurately.Access Required:-------------------------Internet Access is required by Google's Mobile Ad application (AdMob), which is safe and fully trust-worthy.Request to the users:--------------------------------------Any problem you face or get in the application, please report to us (at with the details of the problem and your Mobile handset model no., it will help us in resolving it faster.Ref.:-----------

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