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Easy Navigator Pro is an easy to use, accurate SET/RETURN navigation tool. It works without a cellular, wifi or network signal of any kind – just a clear view of the sky and the GPS will lock on and show you the way back.How easy is this app to use? It has 2 buttons: “SET” a location, and “RETURN” to a locations…that’s it. This simplicity belies the fact that this is a sophisticated app that works behind the scenes to ensure you have an accurate fix, give you the proper heading to follow and the proper distance to your location. Making a complex process into a simple to use app that anyone can use, and trust, to get you back is the true magic behind Easy Navigator Pro.What are people using this for?* Take a hike. ‘SET’ the beginning of the trailhead or your car. You can then just turn off your phone and forget about it. If you get lost you can just pull out your phone, turn it on (no cell service is needed), launch Easy Navigator Pro, and hit ‘RETURN’. The app will give you the direction and distance to follow back to your car. Never worry about getting lost again.* In a foreign country or strange city? ‘Mark’ your hotel and forget all about getting lost, take the road less traveled, you can always get back with Easy navigator.* Make sure your kids, or older family members have Easy Navigator installed. They, or another individual, can launch the app and help them find their way back.* Did you find an amazing wild mushroom patch, or the perfect fishing hole? ‘Mark’ the location and find your way back next time, or take the coordinates and save them on your map or chart of choice (not part of Easy Navigator Pro). * Make your own story, people tell us they have used this app at the State Fair, in the dessert at Burning Man, Easter Egg hunts and so much more.Why is Easy Navigator Pro different than the hundreds of others in the Market? One word: AGPS. What is that, and is that even a word? An acronym actually, Assisted GPS, and that is what helps your fancy smart phone find it’s position so fast. Lots of great software tools are available to developers to take advantage of the speed and accuracy available in your Android powered device. The problem is that AGPS uses your cellular signal to enable all these fancy features. When you have no cellular service, the app developer has to create their own methods, algorithms, etc to ensure that you have an accurate fix for bearing, distance and location using just satellite GPS signals. And that is why most apps work so poorly, or not at all, when you are out of a cellular service area. Easy Navigator was designed from the beginning to work on its own, with no service whatsoever - that is why people buy, use, and trust Easy Navigator Pro. Download Easy Navigator Pro now and use it for hunting, trail riding, ATV exploring, fishing, backpacking, traveling, horseback riding, mushrooming, peace of mind, biking, canoeing, outdoor adventure, kayaking, camping, bar hopping, exploring a strange city, skiing the backcountry, snowshoeing ... My goodness! Did we miss anything? Let us know and we will add it to the list!

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