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One of the easiest application & resource managers for Android – Pro version! Versine Ltd., team of Finnish IT professionals, proudly presents Easy Task Manager which allows you to control your applications in one place and provides resource monitoring tools for your Android device. Did you know that removing unnecessary applications can speed up your phone and even prolong your battery life? ETM allows you to free space and memory or just to get rid of unwanted applications. This is a PRO version of the app. This means, for instance, that you will get additional features and updates before others as well as an ad-free version of the App. Features- No ads and supports landscape mode (pro only)- Lists all active applications and their details * Application name and icon (if available) * CPU load in percentages * RAM usage in MB * Used CPU time in ms – Tapping on an application provides more details & control * Force Stop – Closes / Kills the app * Uninstall – Removes the app * Clear data – App settings reset * Clear cache – Removes temporary data saved by the application * Move app to SD card (when possible) – Frees internal storage * Used storage – Shows how much space application uses in total * Lists application permissions – Lists total resources used by Android system- Gauges to show resource usage * CPU * Internal storage * SD card * Battery level, voltage and temperature (tap to open) * Tapping gauges opens up more detailed view of the used resources- Menu selections * Show/hide gauges * Refresh application & resource details * Sort by CPU or RAM Tip! Using force stop is not meant for regular use. But if you think that an app has been misbehaving or has services in the background that are eating up resources you may try to stop it.If you have any questions or comments regarding our applications, please contact us by – email at issues@versine.eu, – facebook at http://www.facebook.com/versine.eu or – visit our webpages at www.versine.eu.

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