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9 kinds of essential tools in one app!. With this app, you can use various tools like Compass, Level, Recorder, Stopwatch, Timer, Flashlight(Torch), Tape Measure, Sensor Test, Magnifier, Protractor and Ruler at anywhere.Free version does not support the spectrogram!■ features ■1.Compass/Level : Show compass and level at the same time. Support TTS(Text-to-Speech) function to a level and you can apply in various cases (audio reading function leaving gap at the pitch and roll angle).2.Recorder : Record audio in high quality into MP4 files. You can specify the name of record file before you start recording. After recording, you can play the recorded sound.3.Stopwatch/Timer : Stopwatch supports split function with up to 100 split times. You can switch between Vibration-alarm & Sound-alarm.4.Flashlight : Support convenient 5min timer function. You can switch between Screen-flashlight & Camera-LED-flashlight(Except for some models).5.Tape Measure : Rotate the equipment and you can measure the length of the flat object bigger than the ruler stick.6.Sensor Test : You can check diverse values of sensor(ACCELEROMETER, MAGNETIC FIELD, ORIENTATION, GYROSCOPE, LIGHT, PRESSURE, PROXIMITY, TEMPERATURE) equipped in Smartphone. Show the value of sensor on the graph and you can check the values conveniently. 7.Magnifier : You can see the magnified image of an small object. Support LED flashlight(Except for some models).8.Protractor : Automatically instruct the gravitational direction and you can use it as the standard point through zero point adjustment. Support camera mode.9.Ruler : Add calibration function of the ruler and the measurement can be more accurate. Show inch&meter unit at the same time.

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