EasyTune is a simple to use guitar tuner.As guitar players ourselves, we found that trying to learn a song in a different tuning was quite a hassle. You would have to search the tuning, see what notes are in it, and then find them in your tuner of choice. We made this process simple in EasyTune. Simply select the tuning you want, and all notes will be presented right in front of you.We also have an auto tuning feature, so you can tune to whatever note you want, on whatever string you want.Finally we have a Play Note feature, which simply sounds out the note to you. Useful to tune by ear, or to tune other instruments.EasyTune fully supports guitar at the moment, and some other instruments, such as Ukele.Bass is supported, however the E string doesn’t seem to be picked up, and we plan on fixing this.This is our first application and would love any feedback to help grow the application.

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