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eBay Calculator makes calculating your eBay and PayPal fees, and profit, quick and easy, with minimal effort.It also calculates and displays your overall profit and margin, providing the most effective way to maximise your eBay earnings!*** NOTICE: An app update is currently in development, and will include a move to the holo design language (finally!), as well as support for the latest eBay fee changes. It will be released as soon as it is ready… Stay tuned. ***Features:* Supports eBay.co.uk (UK), eBay.com (USA), eBay.ca (Canada) & eBay.com.au (Australia)* Up-to-date and uses the latest eBay fees* Private, Business & PowerSeller accounts* VAT Registration for eBay UK business sellers* eBay Shop/Store* Auction and Buy It Now formats* Almost every category available (see note below)* Postage Checker* Promote your items on Facebook* Multiple Items* Add listing upgrades* Detailed summary* Standalone PayPal Calculator** Please be sure to check out the settings and help pages – accessible via the menu button. *** Unfortunately I am unable to test every possible listing combination so, as always, please let me know if you spot any inaccuracies. ** Developers are unable to respond to reviews so please also contact me first if you have any issues. *Note: The ‘General’ category option covers ALL categories other than those specifically listed in the app – See the Help section of the website/app for more info.http://www.spectrl.com/ebaycalculator/help/As far as I am aware, all eBay categories are supported except for Motors and Real Estate/Property, which are only available for eBay.co.uk (UK).(Please let me know if you feel as though I am missing something…)You can use this eBay fee calculator to simulate different scenarios in order to work out the optimal starting price for maximising profits, or simply calculate your costs and revenues for an item you’re selling or have just sold.The integrated Postage Checker provides you with a quick and convenient way to get an estimate for your postage costs, without having to leave the app.The standalone PayPal Calculator (found via the menu) gives you a clear view of your PayPal fees on individual transactions – not necessarily from eBay trading – and calculates your net income, taking into consideration the PayPal fee, from the money you receive. The PayPal Calculator also features a reverse function which will work out how much money you need to receive in order to reach a target amount, after deducting the fee.Follow me on Twitter @SPECTRL for a preview of upcoming features and general ramblings…If you find this app useful, please take the time to leave a rating / review.If you have any feature requests or design ideas regarding this app, please contact me at feedback.ebaycalc@spectrl.com and I will do my best to provide any improvements. Any feedback welcome.For any other queries, please email contact@spectrl.comThis application and its author are in no way affiliated with eBay and/or PayPal.All brands, trademarks, and copyrights are the property of their respective owners.All rights reserved.Copyright © 2011-2012 SPECTRL

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