eBook Application Design 4.0


This FREE Android application is an example of the conversion of an eML website into an app.eML stands for eBook Markup Language and is primarily designed as a self-contained eBook reader and eBook in one. eML automatically adjusts to the particular device it is being read from and displays in a consistent manner throughout. These devices include Android phones, Windows 7 phones, the iPhone and iPad, as well as the latest internet browsers upgraded for HTML 5.eML’s features allow the reader an interactive experience and in the case that your project is an eBook, there is no superfluous reader software to download. The use of eML to create an eBook, website or Android application affords one with many features. Some features work only if viewed on a computer while most are implemented seamlessly on a wide range of popular mobile phone platforms and other devices.Feel free to download this app if you are interested in creating websites, self-publishing or having your eML website converted into an Android application. You will find resources to start making your own eBook/websites, the various interactive features available by using eML, a basic checklist of what is required to create such a project and contact information for my eML to Android app conversion services, if needed.

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