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To create an album to record your child’s growth?To create an photo album for your girl friends?To create a wedding invitation with multimedia contents?To record your daily life?To write a eBook?You can easy do it in eBook Maker.eBook Maker is a eBook creation program on Android. You can easily created a eBook which contains text, photos and videos. The created eBook is in ePub format so that it can also be read by general eBook Reader like Aldiko, FBReader and of course, our developed eBook reader SmartBooks. You can also email the completed eBook to your friends or yourself as a personal record. In additions to Android platform, the eBook created can also be read by eBook reader in PC and iPhone. Examples of PC eBook Reader are FireFox ePub reader and Adobe Digital Editions. In iPhone or iPad, you can open it with iBooks.

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