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Edit Birthday (Beta)

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DeveloperChriz Dev
Added3 years ago
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by On November 23, 2011
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Edit Birthday enables you to edit and remove the birthdates of your contacts. The added or edited birthdates will be instantly visible when viewing your contacts and will be synced with gmail.You will need Edit Birthday only on devices that don't allow you to edit birthdays natively in the contacts app (like Motorola Defy+ or the stock Android)In comparison to other apps Edit Birthday uses the original Android datastore and no 3rd-Party databases that would need extra synchronisation.You can either open Edit Birthday and then select a contact or you use the stock contacts app and then select "edit contact" and choose "Edit Birthday (Beta)". When you have selected a contacts birthday for editing, you can remove the birthdate, by hitting the menu button and selecting "delete birthday".This is the beta version of Edit Birthday it has more features than the stable version (which can be found in the market, too). Please contact me, if you have any ideas or problems.

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