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This little character was originally invented by my daughter when she was eight years old. She made it and its house out of paper. She named the character "Eelooz".I - her father - thought that it was so cool so I decided to make an app of it - so here it is - Eelooz (on Android)!Eelooz lives in your phone. It has a bed to sleep in, a kitchen where it eats, and a TV room where it spends most of its time watching TV and reading story books. The story books feature Eelooz as main character where Eelooz is engaged in various exciting adventures. You can watch the stories together with Eelooz on the TV, or read them in a magazine format. The stories make use of the built-in Text-To-Speech feature included in your Android device.You can interact with Eelooz using your voice. Click on the microphone button and ask questions, or instruct Eelooz to do various things. Use instructions like "goto kitchen" to make it move to the kitchen. Wish Eelooz goodnight by saying "good night" when you want it to sleep and so on.Take care of your Eelooz, it needs to eat, drink and sleep every day. It also needs your love and care to be happy!Hope you enjoy Eelooz just as much as my daughter and her little sister have done for a long time now! Here are some of the comments we have received from our users:- Awsome Eelooz really listens.100000000000000000000000000000000000000 stars- Perfect Wow this is such an amazing app Eelooz is a great friend- Cute This is really adorable. My little sister adores it, and I must admit that I do as well- Wait is Eelooz a boy or a girl? But let's get to the point I super love it and by the way the ebook is awsome all the stories was awesome especially Super Eelooz and every time I was sad i played this game totally cheered me up thanks for making the best game I had played in my whole life.******* NOTE ********We recommend using IVONA Text-To-Speech for best speech reading experience. Search for IVONA on the Market, install it and set it as your default TTS engine (see IVONA installation instructions).

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