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EM Suite (formerly ER Suite) is THE stand-alone tool for the Emergency / Critical Care Professional. This product is designed to provide the content and calculation tools needed by today’s busy Emergency / Critical Care healthcare provider. No serious professional should be without this app.
THIS NEW 2013 EDITION FOR EM SUITE INCLUDES HUNDREDS OF UPDATES AND NEW ADDITIONS INCLUDING:CALCULATORS:• ABCD3 Stroke Score• ABG calculator (with extensive differential and anion gap analysis)• Allowable blood loss• Bladder volume by ultrasound• BODE index (COPD survival)• Body surface area - 2 new methods added• Canadian C-spine rule• Canadian Head CT rule• Carboplatin AUC Calculator (both Calvert and Chatelut formula versions)• CHADS2 score• Diabetes criteria• Ectopic pregnancy probability• Fractional excretion of sodium• Nephrolithiais time to spontaneous passage• PRISM calculator update• Rotterdam Meningococcal Sepsis Score - Survival• Sepsis predictionPEDIDRUGS:• Multiple updates on dosing• Dexamethasone for croup, dose change• Midazolam for seizure, sedation administered by IN and Buccal route• Levetiracetam IV for status epilepticus• Valproate IV for status epilepticusADVANCED/BASIC LIFE SUPPORT:• Adult, Pediatric and Neonatal are up to date with the most recent AHA and ILCOR recommendations.IMMUNIZATIONS:• Updated to include the most up to date guidelinesPEDICODE:• Multiple additional items added, along with update to the Seizure section, which includes levetiracetam (Keppra) and valproate IV dosing. Buccal and intranasal midazolam are also added. CLINICAL CONSULT UPGRADES:• Acute stroke management• AMPLE history• Asthma - severe - causing cardiac arrest• Bier's block• Brugada syndrome• Cardiac arrest due to PE• Dermatology glossary of terms• Dermatology - nail findings• ECG’s – new section on the basics of ECG interpretation - multiple topics• Emergency Contraception• Hemochromatosis• Hemorrhagic stroke update• Irukandji Jellyfish envenomation• Malaria updated• Murray Valley encephalitis• Nephrolithiasis• Orthopedic - full section on ossification centers by age• Permissive hypotension update• Psychosis - acute evaluation• RSI Checklist• Spinal fracture overview, including columns and stability• Wolff Parkinson White SyndromeTOXICOLOGY:• New section detailing approach to toxicology, toxidromes and much more• Update on Acetaminophen ingestion• Acetaminophen ingestion - risk of liver failure calculatorTRANSFUSION-COAGULATION MODULE UPGRADES:• Anti-D (RhoGAM) update• Direct thrombin inhibitor review and reversal methods• Massive transfusion protocol update• Thrombolytic reversal• Thrombophilia screening update• Tranexamic acid dosing – evidence (CRASH-2)ABOUT MEDICAL WIZARDSMedical Wizards provides popular medical reference guides and tools for healthcare professionals. Whether you are a Doctor, Nurse, Physician Assistant, Nursing Assistant, or Medical Student, Medical Wizards has the ideal program for you.

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