If you like this app, help me out by getting the donate version! It’s only $1!Please note: I am not affiliated with Blizzard Entertainment or Battle.net.emChat is a multi-client binary chat bot for the Battle.net 1.0 service. It is currently in BETA and many features have yet to implemented, and bugs have yet to be squashed.Currently, the app will work for any Android device running 2.1 or later. The UI has been optimized specifically for phones, but UI changes for tablets will be coming in the future!Special notes:- If you used a BETA version prior to 0.8.2 please UNINSTALL the old version before installing this!If you have any questions/comments/ideas, please either use the forums at http://www.devacy.com/ or send an e-mail to admin@devacy.com. Please do not post these in the comments as I cannot reply to them!

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