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Experience the new smart and unprecedented meditation method.eMeditate simulates the most powerful meditation method, the concentration on the breath, as practiced in yoga and zen-buddhism.You control the red concentration point via tilting (gyro), or swyping on the screen, and follow the white-blue breathing point.Global Ranking List:Compare your ablility to concentrate with others on the internet and let yourself be stimulated to achieve a heigher spiritual rank.The participation is optional. The Ranking List is provided by Scoreloop.Custom Pictures:Additional to the pre-installed figures of a woman and a man you can save another picture to the SD-Card, and thus meditate with your own image or e.g. the image of a known master.We will upload master figures on our website on a ragular basis, your wishes are welcome. Many new figures are available for free downloading!Info & Feedback:Meditation is a proven instrument to relieve stress-inducing identification with feelings and thoughts. This is well known to celebrities like e.g. Tina Turner, Sting, Keanu Reeves, Brad Pitt, Richard Gere or Oprah Winfrey.Quality of life and success depend strongly on the pivotal capacity to focus completely on one task and to remain in the Now. That can be playfully trained with eMeditate.eMeditate is under constant development, and marks the beginning of a series of spiritual games. We are very interested in feedback, via email or the eMeditate Facebook group, which you are invited to join:http://www.facebook.com/groups/117291411708402/If you like the idea of eMeditate, please support our work by buying the full version! We have plenty of concrete plans, for the development of eMeditate, as well as for other projects.Compatibility:A device with 1Ghz is recommended. For slower devices there is the "speed" option on the start screen.We tested eMeditate on HTC Desire (Hero), Nexus S, Samsung Galaxy 3, Xperia Mini and Galaxy Nexus.Tablets with landscape orientation are now supported via the new touch-swype control.The permissions required are:- Wake Lock to prevent sleep while the app is on.- Network communication: for ads and ranking.- Modify SD-card content: for custom pictures.- Read Phone State: for Scoreloop ranking server.Differencies Lite and Full Version:- Progress and Rank are limited in the lite version.- Session lenght can be determined freely in the full version, thus making faster progression possible.- The full version has an additional slot for a custom picture.- No Ads in the full version.

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