Emergencies (CH) 2.0 Donation


Donation version (Version without ads)The application should have all Swiss on his phone. This can still be used in emergencies. Just always run the application and click on the image of the desired emergency service for emergency calls happen immediately. Thank you not to call these numbers only in emergencies. Hoping that you did not often need. 😉 Features of ER (CH) 2.0:* Call emergency numbers (Switzerland)* Call emergency numbers border to Switzerland* Call emergency veterinary* Send position via Google Maps* SD card supportAlso available in German (Notfälle (CH) PRO in the market)CAUTION: For owners of tablet, please buy the version developed for them that is in the market (Emergencies (CH) 2.0 Tab) Thank you to buyers of Emergencies (CH) PRO. Thanks to them if that version 2.0 is available today!And we would like to thank you again for having us send us your feedback, we’ve all read and feel free to continue to let us know.

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