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This Emergency Preparedness App was prepared by people who have a passion for providing informationto those of you who understand the current economic landscape in the possible impending financial crashthat we find ourselves heading for.In these uncertain times, it’s very important that we protect ourselves physically, mentally, and financially.After all we’ve already seen some events that were once "unthinkable" happen, like the housing market collapse, the banking sector crisis,the immense turmoil in the current financial markets, major upheaval on Wall Street, massive Washington bailouts, government takeover of private industry, skyrocketing unemployment, foreclosures that continue to escalate, huge government deficits and debt, increasing taxes and higher fees on items, public services necessarily being reduced.And while some say that some of the above measures were taken in order to avert a financial crash, we believe that at the very bestall that was done was to move the date of disaster, a little further into the future. The problems that we see with the United States economy,and in fact, the larger global financial system, not only remain dire but seem to be increasingly getting worse.More Americans are becoming tuned in to the fact that there are major financial challenges facing our country. And that our current political leadership doesn’t appear to have taken a leadership position in reversing our current course. And while we still remain bullish on the United Stateswe believe that it’s smart to think about your personal and financial safety now as the excesses in our financial system are sure to be flushed out. Many Americans will get very hurt during this processbut those of us who take corrective actions now can flourish.You’ll find that this app consists of various feeds from some of the top experts in the field ofpersonal and financial survival. We’ve put them all in one place so that you can reach them quickly and easilyat any time anywhere you have your smart device with you. So take some time to poke around this app, it’s full of great educational material that you can use to help yourself over the possible coming financial disaster.Thanks!

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