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★Free Gifts Link Fixed★You are staying in a manipulative relationship because you are so deeply invested in it that you believe you have nowhere else to go now.Sometimes hope can be paralyzing & prolongs the torment if it is invested in someone who isn't sincere to you & your emotional well-being.You are not insane. Clear the doubt about what the other person is really doing to you.Lying, Denying, Talking behind your back, Ruining your reputation, Turning people against you, Humiliate you by making other people interfere in your personal affairs, then acting real angry & hurt with teary eyes that s/he loves you & doesn't know what you are talking about & end up making you feel ashamed & guilty of suspecting him/her by believing other people.You are confused & don't know what to believe. You know you are being lied to but the lie is told with so much conviction & strong denial that you begin to doubt your own senses. It's a very dangerous & crazy making betrayal.A manipulative person lies & denies everything. S/he is always Pretending to be victimized by the victim. It's very frustrating arguing with him/her. S/he will shamelessly shift the blame on you & make you feel guilty, distrustful & paranoid.Victims feel empty, tired & without energy. Nothing interests them. They will sometimes contemplate Suicide!Hopelessness has drained your will to live.You quickly lose interest in everything & never finish what you start because you believe it won't make any difference. S/he will still lie to you.You have become a habitual late comer at school/work. You don't feel like caring anymore though you were once ambitious & responsible.To the people you seem rigid & unreasonable & s/he a poor victim of your abuses which makes it even more traumatic, you end up going into hiding, depression because sadly his/her lies are more believable than your truth.You are struggling with the effects of emotional abuse such as lack of motivation, wandering attention, inability to concentrate, poor sleep, fatigue, day dreaming.Emotional Abuse is Power, not Love!Because emotional abuse and love are opposites: if one is present, the other is gone.Everyday you are debating inside your head the old question “Does s/he really love me?”.-Does s/he feel guilty?-Why are you so easily manipulated?You are paying the price of being in love with a wrong person. Your decency is being used against you.Suicide is not an acceptable solution to the problems of life. Depression is caused by mean people, not life. Separate yourself from mean people, not life. The best revenge is to live well.This app raises awareness about the most common but extremely devastating Emotional Manipulation tactics employed by the people you love, care & trust.Knowledge & awareness helps you identify such problems in your relationship & saves you from falling prey to Depression, Suicide & other psychological problems starting from undeserved guilt, self-doubt, losing faith & confidence in your sanity.Share your struggles with other users of the App. Our blog is your source of validation & Safe Outlet. (you are not alone in life)(Press 'Menu', 'My Blog')You feel much relieved just by reading the description. The information contained in this App builds & grows on you like a shield against depression & manipulative people because once you will have hope your life will rebuild itself!Decide how to deal with it, whether to continue this insane making relationship or leave that person & focus on rebuilding your life.Your happier future is a result of today’s choices because your choices have the power to either set you free or keep you imprisoned.Make use of this app today like there is no tomorrow because *The Future is Now*And remember, you only live once, but if you live it right then once is enough.Live & Learn:*Why & How to Think**Reason to Do Things**Revenge as a motive for success*★Learn & Win $25★★2 surprise gifts added★

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