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NEW FEATURE: Your wall designs and defense layouts can be uploaded and shared with friends if you survive the attack wave, so that they may try to improve your design. The results (highscore) is tracked by OpenFeint.DESCRIPTION:Enclosure is a twist on the classic Tower Defense game in which you not only place guns, but also build walls and doors to keep the attackers at bay.Enemies come from all sides and have several potential exit points, all of which must be protected using a combination of force fields and heavy weaponry. The force fields are shaped into passages, rooms and obstacles, to slow the attackers down long enough for the weapons to kill them.REVIEWS: you have an issue with the game, then PLEASE send me an e-mail before showering me with 1-star ratings and angry comments - I really try to make it work on all devices, but there are so many, and they all have their own little quirks. I quite simply can't test on all of them.If you're concerned with specific aspects of the actual game, then also please do drop me a note - I can't improve if I don't know what the problem is ;).Oh, and finally, if you actually like the game: DON'T BE SHY! Please, good ratings are the only way to stand out form the large amount of spam on Android Market.STORYYour world is suffering from an alien infestation. The aliens slip through naturally occurring worm holes on the surface of their home planet, to randomly appear behind your orbital defense system.In order to protect its citizens, your government has begun a campaign to seal off the wormholes on the alien planet.Unfortunately, the alien life-form is capable of destroying the enclosures so heavy weaponry is required to protect them. Further, recent reports suggest that the aliens are getting smarter and that their numbers are increasing, requiring more elaborate designs to ward off the aliens long enough for the weapons to kill them.Your company has won a contract to build and maintain several wormhole enclosures on the alien planet. You must construct the enclosures and install defense systems during the daytime as the aliens come out at night.Access to the construction site is provided by the ACT - advanced construction terminal, which due to the intergalactic distance is not able to provide live video but must resort to positional data from short range motion scanners installed in the enclosures.

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