End Procrastination Hypnosis


This session helps you get out the habit of procrastinating.It focuses on recognizing all the time spent worrying and feeling guilty about not accomplishing your goals.This session increases your desire to get things finished so you can make more time for the real things you want to do.Finally, it inspires a strong desire to get things finished quickly and effectively.Testimonials:"I don’t know how, but this seems to be working! Thank you so much for the incredibly fast service and support!""I am so happy to have found Kym!! I am embarrassed to admit that I was a bit skeptical at first, but figured it couldn’t hurt to try, and now I am so glad I did. This is just what I needed and I never even knew it existed!!"*Please Note: -You must be connected to a WiFi connection to install this app. -Please use headphones for best results. -Do Not operate heavy machinery while listening to this session.

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