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by On April 14, 2012
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This app is for people living in a property with electricity and/or gas prepayment meters fitted.It will track your prepaid electricity and/or gas usage and will calculate when you need to top it up with more credit.To do this it will ask you for an initial credit reading (how much money you currently have on your meter), then it will ask you for an updated reading in 7 day's time, or when you next top up (whichever comes first).It will then calculate how many days until you run out of credit and need to top up again.The Pro version adds the function of inserting a calendar event on your phone with an alarm to remind you when you are just about to run out of electricity or gas (NOTE: a google gmail account is required).You can enter and update readings at any time (greater than 1 day) for it to calculate new estimates, but we recommend at least 7 days for the initial calculation.Use it to track your electricity or gas meter, or both!

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