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Engineering Video Tutorials is the mobile application of Engineering Video Tutorials website( Provides High quality video tutorials from leading universities and video libraries free of cost anytime you wish.Features :1. Would cover all Engineering Branches in the updates.2. Course Lectures and Seminars on various subjects from leading universities 7.ourse revision.4. All the videos from the website are available on the Application.5. High quality video playback, can pause and resume videos at wish.6. Works from low end Android smartphones to High end Android super phones.7. Application is Tablet ready, provides seamless video playback on small and big screens.8. Regularly updated to provide video tutorials on all subjects.9. Videos are updated on the server, so no need of updating the application when videos are added.10. Supports Android platform from version 2.1 (Eclair) onwards.Dependency : This app requires Youtube app installed on your android mobile/tablet, Download and Install latest youtube app from Google Play – for more information and to see Engineering Video Tutorials from computers.Check License details here – Privacy details here –

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