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by On September 21, 2011
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THE NUMBER ONE LANGUAGE LEARNING APP FOR ALL ANDROID DEVICES!This Ectaco Language Teacher application is for Spanish speakers looking to learn English.No internet connection required, the app will go through 4 levels of training to get you speaking English in no time!The courses are fully interactive so it’s as if you’re speaking to a real human and not a robot. It immerses you in the language and works with you at your own pace. The 4 levels include thorough lessons of:-	Alphabet-	Words-	Phrases-	DialoguesEach set is loaded with an advanced speech recognition system so you get a detailed view and correction of your pronunciation each time. You can backtrack lessons and restart the entire learning process as often as you like with no limit. There are over 78 other languages you can learn with the Language Teacher so start now!Check out Ectaco at or LingvoSoft at for more language learning and translation products.________tags: ectaco, lingvosoft, language, teacher, learning, teaching, learn, translation, software, translate, Spanish, English, speaking, speech, recognition, accent, correction, pronunciation, talking, dictionary, dictionaries, учить, язык, английский, испанский, аудио произношение, речь, учебные программы, языковые программы, перевод

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