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The most professional and easy to use sheet music notation editing software on Android. With it you can be a talented composer anywhere. As long as you have a little knowledge of sheet music, you can create wonderful music by simple touching. Or it can help you easily record the flash of inspiration in the mind.---!!!New features in pro version:-Share or export to printable A4 paper sized JPG image file format.-Adjustable scale factor for both view.-Ability to add/delete/reorder staffs.-Support for changing instrument for every staff.-Support for changing key for each staff.-You could mute any staff you want.-Pro version has no ads.-Support moving to SD card.-More time signatures(1/4, 5/4, 7/8, 9/8, 11/8, 12/8).*********************************About importing projects created by the free version:*The projects in the free version can be transferred to pro version by hand, using the export to MusicXML and then *import to pro version. But we have noticed that is a boring process. So we'll find ways to make it transfer data *automatically.*To do this you should export from free version and then import to pro version.*Follow a few steps below.*Export:*Tap the share button on the top-left corner in the overview mode where you could see more than one staff in free *version. A dialog will be shown. Choose "Save MusicXML file to SD" or "Share MusicXML file" as you like to export *the score to a MusicXML file.*Import:*Currently you can not browse MusicXML files within the app directly. Alternately you could use some other file *management apps like "Astro" to browse files on your SD card or in other location, then just click the right *MusicXML file and open it with Ensemble Composer Pro. Finally you shout save it before exit.-----------------------Features:-Import/Export industry popular MusicXML file formats for exchange sheet music with other software(Finale etc) maybe on other platforms.-Support max to 15 instruments played simultaneously, fully capable of normal symphony.-Use midi for sound, therefore it can support over 100 kinds of musical instruments with a small app size.-Export midi files or set as ringtones.-Support saving scores for future re-edit.-Support undo action to make editing smoother.-Switch between two view mode for easy editing and viewing.-Share the sheet music or audio via Email.-----------------------Supported stuff:*A variety of note types, from whoe notes to 32nd notes and dotted notes*A variety of beat types*All kinds of key signatures and major/minor *Pickup measure*Adjustable tempo*Support for 2 voices*Repeat marks*Many temporary diacritical marks*Tie, slur, tuplet*Many types of ornament notes *Rich power signs and wedge-----------------------------------------------------Recent changes:v1.1.6:-Fixed a bug causes crash when launching.v1.1.5:-Fixed crash on tablet.v1.1.4:-Fixed large screen compatibility issue in last update.v1.1.3:-Add exporting to image file feature.v1.1.2:-Fixed key changing issue.v1.1.1:-Fixed beat error of tuplet.v1.1.0:-Fixed a display issue of new beat types.

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