Epic MAR


Epic MAR is a Mobile Augmented Reality Browser. It lets you detect objects or images (magazine ads, billboards, flyers, logos, movies, a chocolate bar, ads… etc) from the real world by scanning them with your phone camera, then the application displays digital contents related to them and you can interact with it on your mobile. You could try it on a 5 dollar bill and see a video on how money is printed.Interactions with the scanned item can be watching a related video, ecommerce, locating it on a map, send email, call the company, register for its web-service, get prizes/draw … etc.You can test some images from http://epicsyst.com/trendcompass/ar2.aspxJust point your camera to the image and you will get its related contents.Whenever the application gets new markers it will notify you to update your files.If you want to add your marker images and contents contact us at info@epicsyst.com

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