Forget all the defense games you’ve seen before! Epic Warrior, the defense game in a whole new concept has arrived!Gather yourself with powerful friends and enhance your skills to rescue the kingdom in danger!Experience the new Epic Warrior with its fantastic graphics, elaborate storyline, and one-of-a-kind game system! The peaceful Rescue Kingdom is faced with a dire threat. Who shall be the hero to rescue the kingdom from the absolutely powerful axis of evil, Baphomet?!?Game Features??The ultimate game with all the best defense features.?Fantastic graphics and solid storyline.?100+ stages to keep the players in action. ?Spectacular battle system with combat effects, rapid speed, and charismatic characters.?Easy, intuitive control system and UI. ?Many other item and skill combos for more excitement, only found in mini games.? Come and visit us at: ?* Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pictosoft.Kr * Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/pictosoft_kr

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