Escape From The Abductor


Much interested in escape game Here a exclusive game for youOne day, the little girl Tanya,met an unknown person. He offered her some sweets to eat. without knowing the danger she consumed the sweets.Slowly she went unconscious. When she comes to consciousness, she recognized that she was trapped in a room.Soon she realized that she was kidnapped. When she peeped through the window she saw the kidnaper out side the room.Help the little girl Tanya to escape from the kidnapper. Use the clues to cheat and escape from him.Feature:1. Creative concept2. No limited timing3. Compatible to all devices4. Funny animations5. It’s Free… ***A guide to new users***Collect the items by touching the desired items on the screen.The collected items will be saved in the inventory panelAfter collecting, zoom out to main screen using the arrow key, visible only when to touch the bottom of the screen.Also check by touching the other side of the screen for the availability of more rooms. If so, visible arrow will take you to that view.If you like this Game, don

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