Eternal Kingdom


Mass Multiplayer Strategy Game Enter the mythical world of Eternal Kingdom. Choose between human, elf, and undead as you set out to lead your kingdom to greatness. Gather resources by upgrading your city and conquering neighboring kingdoms. Decide which heroes to recruit by maximizing their special abilities with your army composition. Strategy is key and will determine the outcome of the battles. Join powerful guilds and conquer your foes in the vast real-time world of Eternal Kingdom! Your Eternal Kingdom awaits! FEATURES 3 MYTHICAL RACES Which side are you on? Choose between elf, human, or undead! STRATEGIC RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Collect and manage your resources to expand your kingdom! HERO SPECIFIC ARMIES Recruit heroes with special abilities to strengthen your army in battle! VAST WORLD TO CONQUER Dispatch your army and conquer other nations to bring prosperity to your kingdom! INTEGRATED GUILD SYSTEM Join guilds and play with friends and thousands of other players around the world! ????????????????????? NEWS & EVENTS Website Facebook Twitter YouTube

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