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The Evolution Live Wallpaper turns each pixel of your Android background into a living organism! It uses a genetic algorithm to simulate the "evolution" of these pixels (or cells), using their colour as their traits for selection.The wallpaper starts out initially as a multi-coloured grid. Over time, this grid will slowly transform (i.e. evolve) into a single colour (or close to that colour). By interacting with your phone, you can change the optimal colour and watch as the cells eventually evolve to that colour all over again!Here's the nitty-gritty of the algorithm (for those that are interested):Each pixel square simulates an individual, replicating cell. Cells replicate asexually, but not perfectly (i.e. they mutate).The cell's traits are defined by its colour -- specifically, its red, green and blue values. These traits are used to calculate each cell's "fitness" score, using an optimal colour value (see below) as reference. This fitness value determines the cell's reproduction rate, and thus its survivability in the environment.An "optimal" colour is defined based on a variety of parameters (by default, red is defined by the amount you touch your background, green is based on local time, and green is based on your phone's current battery level).Note: If you enjoy this wallpaper, please considering getting the donate version! Just look up "Evolution Wallpaper (Donate)" in the market.

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