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Application for recording EVP (voices metafoniche), with the addition of an aid on the success of the recording. The application uses your phone’s sensors to capture differences in the environment. Some parameters change with the approach of entities and a way to communicate with them is the EVP.While using the magnetic sensors, it is in no way affected by strong electromagnetic fluctuations such as for example cars or metallic structures in the vicinity. The algorithm filters out any electromagnetic fluctuations much higher than 0.20 microtesla, and discount!If the pendulum will come in the red zone and you’ll be alerted immediately place the device in order to avoid interference, you have to do it fast! You will need to activate the record button and twenty seconds of audio will be recorded in the LITE VERSION that you can not stop. Recorded audio files can be viewed via the "Audio File" and you can listen to them again (by clicking) or Send them by email (by click-hold).*** With the Lite version you can not manually access the Recordings …*******The full version has more functionality and greater accuracy.———————————————USE:1. Set (sensitivity, accuracy and noise reduction)2. Turn the 3 buttons3. The pendulum will start moving4. Place during the scanning5. If the pendulum arrives at the red, will begin playing6. Place the device on a floor or ground7. When the device will still enter the recording screen8. Click the big button in the center9. Try not to interfere, just steps away10. Feel pronounce words, you can ask a few questions and wait for an answer.11. Everything will be recorded … your words, environmental sounds and words. (and audio quality depends on your device)11. Access your records by clicking on "Audio File"12. Listen to an audio file by clicking the short13. Send an audio file by email by clicking along7A. As mentioned before you can access the registration screen without waiting for the pendulum arrives at the red.———————————————-IMPORTANTThe application was incompatible with some devices, try the Lite version before buying the full version. The application does not use dangerous or harmful instructions, the incompatibility is due to different hardware devices.**************************Do not expect to find ghosts everywhere and always, if you are in the right place at the right time, it will mark the pendulum moving in the red zone, otherwise it will oscillate between the green and yellow.If you are emotional or not you believe in the paranormal do not download this application and still take it as a game … But know that might not be!PS. for the program to be tested and resolved bugs, commented when you enter the name of the device and the type of error / problem you have encountered. Thank you!

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