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Excel HSC Ancient History Quick Study is the perfect tool for studying and revising on the go! This app is designed specifically for the HSC Ancient History course. There are two parts to the app: 1. HSC study cards • There are 290 study cards to revise. • The Core topic (Part I: Core Study: Cities of Vesuvius—Pompeii and Herculaneum) and Option topics (Part II: Ancient Societies—Society in Old Kingdom Egypt, Dynasties III–VI; Society in New Kingdom Egypt during the Ramesside Period, Dynasties XIX–XX; Spartan Society to the Battle of Leuctra 371 BC; Athenian Society in the Time of Pericles; Part III: Personalities in Their Times—Egypt: Akhenaten; The Near East: Xerxes; Greece: Cleopatra VII; Rome: Julius Caesar; Part IV: Historical Periods—The Greek World 500–440 BC; Rome: The Fall of the Roman Republic 78–31 BC; Rome: The Augustan Age 44 BC–AD 14; Rome: Rome in the Time of the Julio-Claudians AD 14–69) are covered. • Special revision features include:   - bookmarks—you can bookmark each card with a green, yellow or red bookmark depending on how well you know each card   - revision notes—you can type in your own revision notes to customise your revision for each card or topic. 2. Quick Quiz • There are 325 questions in total. • You can take a randomly generated quick quiz of 10 questions from the topic of your choice. • Each question in the quiz is marked instantly for you, with the correct answer highlighted so you can learn from your mistakes. • You are given a score out of ten and your percentage mark at the end of each quiz. • You are also given a comprehensive summary of all your results for each topic including your percentage improvement, which helps you keep track of your progress. • You can take the quizzes as many times as you like until you get the consistently high percentage score you want. Excel Quick Study apps are a convenient and efficient way to revise—any time, anywhere!TechnicalPlease note: due to the large number of different devices supporting Android 2.2 and up, not all brands/models have been tested. Your feedback is appreciated: please email us to report any errors or bugs and we will do our utmost to fix them and to support other Android devices.

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