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Android版Excel杀风靡桌游世界的三国杀,你是否喜欢?你是否上网OL被人虐?玩Wi-Fi,信号不好,等待其他玩家加入?面对各种蛋疼的出招,你是否气恼过?意外事故发生,放弃一局非常精彩的战斗,你是否懊恼过?在这里,一切都是浮云!Excel三国杀给你真正的单机体验!超高智能的AI会让你大呼过瘾!Excel杀是三国杀玩家六只蚂蚁在2010年圣诞节推出的一款可以在办公室Office Excel上进行单机开杀的杀人游戏,迅速被办公室白领、学生一族所喜爱,新浪、网易等大网站第一时间就做了报道,并被玩友们广泛传播到各个网站、论坛中,Excel杀以其单机游戏的超好体验、高智能的AI设计赢得玩友的高度评价,更是由于它是完全基于Office Excel编程的,让Office用户叫绝,微软公司非常乐意的邀请Excel杀参加了官方的Office 2010产品宣传活动,用户体验非常好。Excel杀支持七大战斗模式:1V1、3V3、五人身份局、八人身份局、曹操传、闯关DIY和神秘模式,支持风、火、林、山四大扩展包、以及军争包、蚂蚁包!Excel杀手机版,是将目前最新版本的PCExcel版移植到Android手机上来,全新更高级的AI系统,支持所有的扩展包和战斗模式,支持全1.6以上的Android系统、支持全分辨率、安卓平板电脑将可以享受1200*800的超高清游戏界面!标准的官方OL配音包,让你的游戏不再是哑巴、驰骋杀场有马蹄声相伴、巅峰决战有杀闪声相随!Android version of Excel to killThree killed, swept the board game world, you like it?You Internet OL child?Play a Wi-Fi signal is not good, waiting for other players to join?The face of a variety of pain egg moves, are you angry?Accident, to give up a game of very exciting fight, you upset?Here, everything is a cloud! Excel Three killed, give you a real stand-alone experience! Ultra-high intelligent AI will make you hooked!Excel to kill the three countries to kill the six players ants Office Office Excel Christmas 2010 launch of a stand-alone kill kill game, quickly office workers, students in a family favorite, Sina, Netease and other sites first time to do a report on, play the faithful and was widely disseminated to the various sites, forums, Excel kill its stand-alone game super good experience, highly intelligent AI design wins highly of friends to play, it is because it is based entirely on the Office Excel Programming, Office users wow, very happy to invite Microsoft Excel kill to participate in the official Office 2010 product promotional activities, the user experience is very good.Excel support killing seven battle mode: 1V1, 3V3, five identity Bureau, eight identity Bureau, Cao Cao pass, pass through the DIY and mysterious mode, support for wind, fire, forest, mountain four expansion packs, as well as military contention package, ants package!Excel kill Mobile is currently the latest version PCExcel version ported to Android phones up, a new more advanced AI system, support all expansion packs and battle mode, support all 1.6 of the Android system to support the full resolution, Android tablets The computer will be able to enjoy the 1200 * 800 ultra-high-definition game interface! The standard official OL voice package, your game is no longer a dumb ride killing field the Horseshoe accompanied by the sound, the pinnacle of battle to kill the flash sound go hand in hand!

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