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From the people that brought you the biggest and best "Insult Generator" as well as the first and only "Mood Generator" in the Android Marketplace comes another text generation app that will liven up even the dullest social networking feed! Once again we have exclamations in the millions, so you need never worry about being stuck with a lame catchphrase, you'll be fresh every time! - Key Features - 4 unique categories: Short, Regular, Long, Call Me!Two Exclaim Widgets! Exclaim Of The Day and a manually updating widget, allowing you to instantly have an exclamation to hand without launching the app!Text to Speech! Press the play button to have the statuses auto read, or select the menu option to have them always auto read!Facebook, Twitter and SMS integration!*Easy Share button!*Generated exclamations are auto copied to your clipboard, to be pasted into any application!*Paid version only.Exclamation examples:Well swing on my testes and tie me to an elephant's trunk!Well jerk me like a badger and smother me in jelly!Well asphyxiate me during a rusty trombone with lube!Well tickle my testes and call me Wilma Flintstone!Let's face it - everyone needs a helping hand once in a while. There are a lot of things out there that leave you speechless. From the latest release by a hideously bad singer to a youtube clip of a skater smashing crotch-first into a lamp post, there seeme to be a new meme circling the net every day that defies us to make any coherent comment!Well, never fear ... Variant Minds and present "Exclaim!: Unlimited". The app designed specifically to help you out in these speechless moments!The "Exclaim" app randomly generates a creative exclamation for you to post in your feed from our unique, massive database. There's no need to accompany strange or annoying links with a "Holy Crap" or a "WTF" any more!Our database contains so many different constituent parts that the possible combinations range into the millions ... although, you should be warned that quite a few of them may not be appreciated if your Twitter followers or Facebook friends happen to include your mother! After all, there's not many people that would enjoy the idea of their mother reading a comment inviting people to smear hummous on their balls.But for those of you that are willing to take that risk, this app, like our others, is fully loaded with integration to the major sites as well as easy one-click methods of inserting these random text gems into your SMS and email composer - or indeed any other app on your Android device capable of accepting Determined to make the world of social networking sillier. Twitter @fillmyfeed*In this free version daily exclamations are limited to 120. For unlimited daily exclamations, support us by purchasing the paid version!*happy, sad, angry, unsure, confused, good, tired, sleepy, furious,annoyed, confused, baffled, dumbstruck, dumbfounded, comedy, insults, teacher, student, mom, mumma, momma, put downs, funny quotes, funny lines, funny phrases, insults unlimited, unlimited insults, moods unlimited, jokes, your momma jokes, one-liners, fat, rude, ugly, bad, stupid, silly, games, party, college, humour, fun, share, social, feeds, fill my feed, twitter, posts, tweet, facebook, one-liners, exclaim, exclamation, shock, sudden, surprised, suddenly, caught, speechless, no words, silent, mute,

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