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One of the top benefits of exercise bikes is that they are probably the most affordable piece of exercise equipment on the market right now. Exercise bikes offer a huge variety of models for every price range and every exercise level. It is however advisable to keep in mind that you will get what you pay for with an exercise bike. Don’t expect a $200 exercise bike to come with all of the bells and whistles and last you over 3 years. However if you are on a budget, an exercise bike is a great way to get in shape for less. Another great benefit of exercise bikes is that they provide a much lower impact on your joints and ligaments than other piece of exercise equipment like a treadmill or stair climber. This can result in less chance of sustained injury over time and can also be great for people with joint problems, arthritis, etc. Another recent factor that has made the exercise bikes much more comfortable to use is the introduction of the recumbent exercise bike – where you sit in a semi-reclined bucket seat with your legs angled out in front of you instead of hanging down.Exercise bikes can also be much safer than other forms of exercise equipment. You can slip and fall on a treadmill. You can lose your balance on an elliptical trainer. It’s much more difficult to fall off or injury yourself on an exercise bike. This makes the exercise bike a great alternative for the elderly exerciser or someone who is new to exercise equipment in general.Because of the great benefits of exercise bikes, many people find that they not only use them for years to come but they also end up exercising much more than they thought they would.Here is some of what you will find inside the exercise bike app:Living Healthy With Exercise Bike…Exercise Bike Benefits…How To Lose Weight With An Exercise Bike Program…Exercise Bikes Burn Calories…Exercise Bikes vs. Treadmills…Recumbent Exercise Bikes – Advantages…Stationary Bikes Improve Muscle Tone…Also, here is some of what you will learn about inside the "Cycling For Life" e-book:Heading Into The Sunset With The Wind at Your Back…Bicycle Apparel And Gear…Bicycle Types…Bicycle Seats And Comfort Bikes Make Cycling For Life Easier…Biking Accessories Make Cycling For Life Easier…Biking Trailers And Cargo Bags Make Cycling For Life Easier…Competitive Cycling is a Phenomenon…Cycling as a Family Activity…Cycling as an Excellent Form of Exercise…Cycling to Better Health…Cycling for Cardio Health…Cycling for Life in the Best Biking Cities…Great Bike Trails Around the United States…Cycling for Life By Biking to Work…Travel Trips for Cyclers…How to Get Started…Making the Most of Cycling With Biking Events…Making the Most of Cycling With Organized Bike Rides…My Neighbor is Into Biking Like no One Else…The Cycling Vacation…No Mud Puddles to Worry About on This Bike…So, You

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