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Exercise whole body lean

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Developerau by KDDI
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by On March 31, 2012
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The "Wii Fit supervised training" thatExercise and Sports Trainers Association, supervised by the United States!☆ ================ ☆ ================ ☆fully compatible with au docomo SoftBank!"Exercise whole body lean"- Make the body "supple" "strong" ~☆ ================ ☆ ================ ☆The body of your dream, or what is the body?With this app, just not only the "thin", we aim with the creation of moderately muscle body "supple" "strong".In addition to the site of upper body, lower body, back down, such as the stomach, upper arms forged anxious, so often used to balance the muscles of the whole body, ideal proportions created a balanced and flexible.---------------------------------------------★ (9 minutes and 33 seconds) recording program---------------------------------------------A. [Training] wide squatTwo. [Training] push-upsThree. [Back extension training;Four. [Pilates] oblique TwistFive. [Training] kick back---------------------------------------------★ app feature---------------------------------------------□ available all the way!┗ membership registration, monthly fee, and does not require any additional charge, available for a long time.□ It is safe even in first!┗ can see from the angle, so movement of the exercise like 360 ​​degrees in touch ♪ carefully explained with the "voice of the Japanese" and "Video 3D" all, it is safe even in first.□ you can leave the record!┗ best recording can also be shared to "twitter" "Facebook" "mixi" ♪ results saved in "calendar format"!※ "Wii Fit" is a registered trademark of Nintendo.

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