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★為回饋各位的下載與評論,即日起只要在Google Play留下評論,並發信至service.am.eztravel@astrotek.com.tw告知評論的內容及留言的ID,立即可獲得完整版序號乙組,送完為止!★--------------------------------------------------------------*檔案大小:* 1.61MB資料庫(含音檔)18.8MB都會被儲存至SD卡,並只有在第一次安裝時才需要下載。-------------------------------------------------------------這是一本JAPANESE STUDY APP!也是一本簡易的日語字典 APP!全部播放讓您同步學習日語聽、說、讀、看的能力,循環播放讓您反覆學習同一句會話更加快速。亦收錄了學習日文常用的短語(Learn Japanese useful Phrase),讓您在學習的同時還能加入會話的應用。來一趟自助式的日本旅行,遊遍各地觀光景點。推薦下載《EZ旅遊日語EZ Japan-Japanese真人發音MP3》,不懂50音也可輕鬆遊日本!羅馬拼音對照、中日翻譯會話、嚴選1000句出國必備好用句!用不到的日文通通放家裡、應付短期日本旅遊所有需求,出國最安心!出版社推薦精選七大主題,包括機場、交通、住宿、觀光和購物等赴日自助旅行時會面臨的情境,中日會話翻譯的對照,馬上解決話到嘴邊卻說不出口的尷尬!可隨時隨地加強日語聽力,並且模仿練習外籍老師最標準東京腔發音。就像一本隨身的字典,是學習生活日語的小幫手。-----------------------------------------------------------*如何升級-點選主選單右上角的圖示,再按”升級完整版”即可升級至完整版本。即使刪除後,只要點選"檢查升級版記錄"便可回復成完整版本,只要購買一次之後,不管重新安裝或是檢查升級版記錄幾次,皆不會再次收費,請放心!*-----------------------------------------------------------*客服信箱: help.am@astrotek.com.tw因為我們無法在評論上回應使用者的留言,故如果在使用軟體上有發生任何問題,請來信告知您的手機型號/OS版本號/問題描述,我們將協助改善問題,也謝謝各位的下載!*-----------------------------------------------------------關鍵字詞:EZJapan, Japanese Translate, learning, learn, studying, study, travel, Japan, Free, Mobile, Book, 發音, 真人發音, MP3, EZ, 旅遊/旅行, 日語學習, 日本, 會話/對話, 出國, 免費, APP, 手機, 書籍, 字典, 翻譯-----------------------------------------------------------*無法支援的機器型號:Motorola xoom*The ★ for feedback you download and reviews, with immediate effect as long as the Google Play leave comments and write to service.am.eztravel @ astrotek.com.twInform the review and the ID of the message immediately available to the full version number Group B, while supplies last! ★ -------------------------------------------------- ------------* File Size: 1.61MBDatabase (including audio files) 18.8MB will be saved to the SD card, and only need to download only the first installation.-------------------------------------------------- -----------This is a Japanese Study APP!Is also a simple the Japanese dictionary APP!Play all synchronous learning Japanese listening, speaking, reading, and the ability to see, loop ILC faster with a session.Also included learning common phrases in Japanese the Useful Phrase) (Learn Japanese, you can join the session application while learning.Take a trip to the buffet-style trip to Japan, traveled around the attractions. Recommended Download "EZ tourism Japanese EZ Japan-Japanese live pronunciation MP3, do not understand the 50 tone can also be easily tour Japan!Roman alphabet were the Japanese translation session, 1000 carefully selected essential easy to use abroad sentence!Put them altogether at home with less than the Japanese, to meet all the needs of short-term Japanese tourist, the most peace of mind to go abroad!The Press Featured seven major themes, including the airport, transportation, accommodation, sightseeing and shopping backpacking in Japan will face situations session of Sino-Japanese translation were immediately resolved his tongue said not to export the embarrassment!Anytime, anywhere to strengthen the the Japanese hearing, and imitate the most standard practice foreign teachers Tokyo cavity pronunciation. Like a portable dictionary, learning life Japanese Assistant.-------------------------------------------------- ---------* How to Upgrade - click the icon in the upper-right corner of the main menu, and then upgrade full version can be upgraded to the full version. Even if you delete, simply click the "Check the upgraded version of the record we can go back into the full version, as long as the purchase once, no matter reinstalling, or check the upgraded version of the record several times, are not charged again, please rest assured! *-------------------------------------------------- ---------* Customer Service: help.am @ astrotek.com.twBecause we can not respond to the user's message in a review, so If you use the software on any problems, please let us know your phone model / OS version number / description of the problem, we will help to solve the problems, Thank you for your download! *-------------------------------------------------- ---------The keywords: EZJapan, Japanese Translate, learning, learn, Studying, study, travel, Japan, Free, Mobile, Book, pronunciation, live pronunciation, MP3, EZ, tourism / travel, Japanese learning, Japan, the session / dialog abroad free APP, mobile phones, books, dictionaries, translation-------------------------------------------------- ---------* Does not support the machine model: Motorola Xoom *

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