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The F1™ 2013 Timing App - Basic PassEasily access a wealth of information including latest news, driver and team stats, race information and schedules, standings and latest results.This application can be upgraded using In-App purchase to access live timing and track position data for - P1, P2, P3, QUALIFYING and RACE for the 2013 Championship.*Follow service status on twitter - user f1timingapp**Please note: The In-App purchase within this app is all you require for coverage of the 2013 Championship. There is no need to purchase our other F1 App, unless you want access beyond 2013 to historical information. If this is your interest, please get the CP edition instead of this app.*Please note: This application will be updated at the end of the season to become the free 2014 Timing App Basic Pass.BASIC PASS FEATURES INCLUDE:★ F1™ NEWS NOTIFICATIONS ★Throughout the year the App will alert you to all new F1™ news as it is issued by F1 via its official website. News can be pushed to your home screen so that you never miss an update or viewed in App, depending on your preference.★ EVENT COUNTER & NOTIFICATIONS ★An event countdown shows the time to the next session and informs when a session is live. Optional notifications alert you when sessions are approaching so you don’t miss them.★ F1 Twitter Feed ★New for 2013 customizable F1 Twitter feeds to keep you up to date with what everyone is saying, and let you become be part of the conversation!★ KEEP UP TO DATE ★Easily access a wealth of information with latest drivers and teams stats, race information, standings and latest results.★ LIVE TIMING & TRACK POSITIONING DEMO ★Experience a wealth of information and data available at your fingertips with this short demo. Get familiar with the functionality and see all the timing data, real-time driver positions, tyre data, race control messages and much more, go to the event store and purchase the In-App Championship Pass to unlock these great features.INAPP PURCHASE FEATURES:★ TYRE INFORMATION ★Find out which tyre type and compound any driver is on at any given time, visually represented on via the Live Leaderboard timing screens. Understanding tyre selection is key to understanding how a race might unfold.★ DRS ZONES ★DRS Activation zones are now clearly marked on the track maps and the detection point is also clearly marked.★ RACE CONTROL MESSAGES - MARSHAL NEWS ★Live to the App as it is issued, marshal news keeps you up to date on flags, warnings, investigations and track statuses as they happen.★ REAL-TIME TRACK POSITIONING ★Displayed on our dynamic and fully interactive 3D map. You can see the position of every F1™ driver on the track at the same time. Pan, zoom and spin the track maps to focus on a specific driver or pull back to see the whole field. See the gaps and pit stops as never before!★ LIVE TIMING DATA ★Enhanced timing data is streamed direct from Formula One Management's technical centre at the race track to the palm of your hand. Watch the sessions like the engineers on the pitwall!★ FOLLOW YOUR FAVOURITE F1 DRIVER ★Selecting a driver switches the camera to follow that selected driver around the race track.★ LIVE LEADERBOARDS ★Combined with live timing data, scrollable leaderboards display a wealth of data, combining visual images of the cars and driver flags with split second data.★ PAUSE LIVE SESSIONS ★You can now pause and replay live sessions during the events so you never miss any of the action.★ DOWNLOAD RACE PACKS ★Download race packs after the event to watch the sessions again and again. Perfect for tape delayed broadcast.★ LIVE TEXT COMMENTARY ★Lap by lap live text commentary in English, French or German, keeps you updated while the action unfolds.★ CORNER VIEWS ★Selectable corner numbers change the view to that corner so you control the action.

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