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F3K Master is a talking Discus Launch Glider competition timer and contest director.F3K Master has been refined from experience gained creating and using an Android app in actual F3K contests over the last year, both as a timer and a pilot.Some time ago, while practicing flying my DLG, I got to wondering how I would make a device that detects when you launch the glider and then start a flight timer for you.I thought about a device in the glider with G-Sensors, proximity sensors, bluetooth and all sorts of complicated electronics.Then it dawned on me: Android phones have built in g-sensors. What if an Android device could sense the motion of the PILOT, recognize the launch and start the timer for you?This application is the result of that question. F3K Master uses g-force sensors in the Android device, allowing the software to detect your launch and start the timer for you. Shake the phone to stop the timer when you land.You may set the sensitivity or disable motion sensing completely in settings too.F3K TasksSelect from the available official F3K tasks, special practice tasks, or configure your own. The timer displays and calls out your flight, window and target times as they change throughout the task. Target time is adjusted where necessary as you progress through the task. F3K ScoringYour flights are scored in real time throughout the task according to the task rules.Touch ScreenIn bright sunlight, it can be hard to see the screen to determine where to click, so on the timer tab the whole screen is one large button. Press anywhere on the screen to move the timer through the modes.Flight LogA history of your flights are kept for you to look at later.F3K Master is a Contest TimerUse the timer with a PA system at the field. Simple as that!Network Features:1) "Enable Network" in F3K Master settings.2) Connect all devices to the same local WiFi network.3) Start a contest on one timer, and the others will sync up to it.NOTE: Only the device that started the contest (the "contest director") can pause/stop the contest.** It can take ten seconds or more for the timers to discover each other at first, so start and then stop a contest. Wait for the other timers to connect and then start the contest again.NEW! Flight matrix:Create a file called "Matrix.csv" in the root of the SD card or use the text box in Settings: Pilots names must be on separate lines, optionally with groups separated by commas.Example 1:Pilot OnePilot TwoExample 2:Pilot One, A, B, CPilot Two, B, A, CExample 3:Name, 1, 2, 3Pilot One, A, B, CPilot Two, B, A, CExample 4 (F3KScore 8.8):,Name,1 AULD,2 Last 2,3 Ladder1,Pilot One,A,B,C2,Pilot Two,B,A,CExample 5:Name, 1, 2, 3Pilot One, a, b, cPilot Two, b, a, cWhen a pilot matrix is in use, you can now choose in Settings which pilot you are timing for and the timer / pilot names are recorded against each flight.Attaching the Android deviceUse a "Sports Armband" or Velcro to attach the android device to your non-throwing wrist. It may also be attached to your transmitter with Velcro.The free version has all the same functions as the paid version with two exceptions - you may only have a single task in the task list unless you are connected to a networked contest and you cannot set multiple flight groups.

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