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2012/8/8(Wed) Attention!This application doesn't work correctly for some devices.Before buying this application, install and check with free version "FaceMix-Composite Picture-Lite".----------------------------------------------"If I married You, our son would become handsome!!""I want to know my and your child face!!"We would frequently hear such phrases.Dream comes true.You can make 'Mixed Face' easily with this application!!It'll be fun playing this application with your lover, friends or your family!!Let's play Face Mix once!!!!**Mixed With You and Your Lover If you mix your face and your lover's face, you can see your child's face!?**Mixed With You and Your Friend If you mix your face and your friend's face, you can see your mixed face!? With your boy friend , or with your girl friend, you can enjoy this application!(Especially, at Party!)**Mixed With You and Famous People If you mix your face and famous people's face, you can see your mixed face!?**Mixed With You and Baby If you mix your face and baby's face, you can see your face of childhood!?**Mixed With You and Animal If you mix your face and animal's face, you can see your wild face!?**Necessary Specs *Android2.2 or More *Display Size 720*1280, 540*960, 800*480 or 854*480 *We Tested at Optimus LTE L-01D (displaysize 720*1280)**Search Tag *Mixed, Collage, Enjoy Party, Entertainment *Easily, Party Game, Union, Fusion

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