Facial Features Scanning


Do you want to know who is the prettiest women in the world?Facial Features Scanning will tell you the answer(fake). Introductions:Do you remember the story of Snow White and the seven dwarfs?Mirror, Mirror and Mirror on the wall, who is the prettiest women of all?Now you can just ask this question to this spoof app- Facial Features Scanning.It will scan your face and then make a judgment(fake).Do you want to have a try? Instructions:1. Open this app, and click the Welcome button to activate the scanning camera.2. Then you click the button below>Scanning to scan your face or others face;(fake)3. In this way, it will analyze the face for you;(fake)4. After a while, it will show you the result, including the score and comments. You also can click the Details button to look at the detailed analysis (fake) for your ears, eyebows, eyes, nose and mouth. Warmly tips:This is just a fake app for fun.So the results are not real. If your score is too low, do not take it seriously. ******************************************************Note:1. This is just a fake app for fun.2. When you download this free application, you will also download some ad-wares to your phone. These ad-wares will show you some notification ads or icon ads in this app.******************************************************

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