Factory Reset Mate


You do the factory reset (hard reset) and lost your favorite apps? You change your droid and don’t remember your apps?Plus, you DON’T want to ROOT your phone. This app is for you.This apps is designed to help you keep a reference to your installed applications and can be reinstall once you finished a factory reset or migrate your phone.? Features- Backup app list (only a reference to your Market’s apps)- Re-install apps from MarketHOW IT WORKS? Before a factory reset- Back up your application list (press the "Back up" button) and application’s data- For Froyo (2.2) and later, you can enable "built-in" cloud backup feature (HOME/menu/Settings/Privacy/Backup my data) and wait some time in order to ensure data has properly backed up on Google server? After a factory reset- Reinstall this app from Market- Open this app and reinstall apps from Market? If I changed a device- Reinstall this app on new device from Market- Insert the SDCard where you store backed up data into new device, then open this app on new device. It should recognize your application list.? For root users, this apps may be less useful if you use Root uninstaller, Nandroid, Titanium backup, MyBackup Pro, Sprite Backup or other root enabled back up.Support: email to rootuninstaller@gmail.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Root-Uninstaller/200912803368166Tags: android factory reset, hard reset, app list, remover app

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