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The Fairy relaxes in the rain by the waterfall, she is relaxing in the jungle. She is enjoying the soothing sounds of the water coming down the falls and the rain hitting the ground and her body. You can also be relaxed and enjoy this LWP as well on your phone or any other Android device.This is a beautiful Fantasy Nature Live Wallpaper that will be enjoyed by many people.And best of all the app doesn't have any annoying "PUSH ADS" and doesn't have any annoying "ICON ADS".Enjoy this beautiful LWP without getting harassed or annoyed with Intrusive ads. We only use appwalls and will only be visible on the settings screen and when launching the app.Once the LWP is set and running you wont be seeing anymore ads. You will be able to enjoy your live wallpaper in peace.About BG-Livewallpapers:Bg-LiveWallpapers is a 2 man team that provide free Live Wallpapers for all Android usersusing hardly any ads at all. We don't use "PUSH ADS" which are annoying and intrusive.We also don't use "ICON ADS" which are also intrusive and most people don't know how to get rid of them.The only ads we place in our apps are appwall ads from Revmob which lets users downloadthe "FREE APP OF THE DAY"So by choosing us for your source of Live Wallpapers you will be getting a nice "Quality"free Live Wallpaper with hardly any ads in them at all.Thank you for checking us out and please look at our other apps and don't forget to leave us feedback.

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