Fast and easy previews of minimized links from any app!Fairyteller presents FairyPreview for Android Phones!Ever been bothered by those unreadable links all over the place? Ever been afraid to click one of those because they take so long to load on your phone and you never know what you will end up with, especially on a slow connection?Look no further! FairyPreview is for you.No more bouncing around or shaking the phone while it desperately tries to load a webpage made for a desktop computer, FairyPreview does not care about these, just let the Fairy do its magic to fetch all the info you need:- the full link- a title for the page- a description of the page- a small picture, an icon, or a snapshot…and you’re free to proceed (click on the full link) or return (press back) afterwards.FairyPreview makes full use of the Android Intent technology. Any compatible browser or application can call on FairyPreview to resolve a minimized link – FairyPreview will not interfere with known links.One last thing… FairyPreview does not track your activity, at all. As a matter of fact, we do not collect any information at all. It is all between you, your phone, and the hundreds of link minimizers out there. FairyPreview is simply here to help you sort out this mess.

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