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Free yourself from ANY annoying / awkward situation easily.Fake an incoming call with the most advanced call faking app on Google Play. The beloved Fake Me Out of Here app just get MUCH betterFeatures include:* EXCLUSIVE – Shake your phone to fake an incoming call, anytime, anywhere! No need to touch your phone and click buttons* Simulate all major fake call screens (Samsung / HTC / Android Stock)* Choose a contact or enter details manually* Use custom images or your contact’s image* Uses your contact’s ringtone for the incoming call* Widget support for an easy incoming fake call* fully customizable with a crazy amount of options!* Schedule as many incoming calls as you’d like* Set the fake call screen look&feel and choose to use any of the major call screens on Android.* Start up automatically on boot (only if you want to) to make sure you are always one shake away from Faking yourself outta here!* Easy buttons for a quick call faking if you don’t want to shake the phone.* Even works on tablets / other devices without phone support! Fake an incoming call on any Android device :)*** Premium Features:* Playback audio when you answer the fake call so that the call looks genuine* Playback your own recordings or one of the bundled recordings that should meet mots requirements (male / female / baby crying / dog barking … )* Use the proximity sensor to make the fake call even more reliable (just like a real call! Place the phone close to your face and the screen will go dark. Remove the phone from your face and it will light up again).* Add the call to your call log! Adds reliability and helps fake call log entries when you need to.* Customize the notification text (or completely remove it) to avoid people knowing the app realize you’ve used it!This app has so many features we didn’t write all of them… It would be best if you download this free call faker app and try it out yourself! The free features are enough for most people, but if you want the extras + removing all ads, just buy us some coffee by paying the small sum and you’re good to go :)Think of the many possibilities of using this app:* Fake a call and get out of a bad date quickly* Shake and fake to get out of work early without feeling discomfort* The bothersome neighbor started talking to you again? Shake it and fake it* The conversation you’re uncomfortable with started again? Fake your way out of it* Want to fool your friends the beautiful blonde keeps calling you? Fake a call and fool them* Alone in the dark and there’s a suspicious guy around the corner? Fake an incoming call and feel safer* Boring meeting? Fake your way out of it* Want to play a prank on your friends? Shake and prankThis is one of those apps you should have on your phone just in case :)Have fun and fake yourself out of here!

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