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Download App™ Mobile enables you to monitor, audit and supervise your child's smartphone activity by providing important information on how, when and where your child uses a Google Android smartphone.A FREE APPLICATION WHICH REQUIRES A SUBSCRIPTION TO ONE OF THE MANY SERVICES POWERED BY THE FAMILYCONNECT.NET™ PARENTAL INTELLIGENCE PLATFORM. you have created an account with one of these services and installed the™ Mobile app on the smartphone used by your child (not compatible with all pre-paid devices), the mobile app will collect and display important information in your online dashboard:- TEXT MESSAGE MONITORING:Who is your child texting with so late at night? You will be able to monitor text message conversations between your child and others, so you can monitor who they’re texting and who said what to whom. By logging into your online account, you will see both sides of text message conversations, incuding messages that were deleted.- CALLING LOG:See who your child called and who is calling them and for how long they talked. Is your son talking on the phone when you have asked hom not to…such as when his is supposed to be doing homework?- LOCATION TRACKING:Did your daughter make it safely to the mall? Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with being able to locate your child anytime, anywhere using his or her last known location which will appear on a Family Map each time the smartphone is used.- PARENTAL NOTIFICATIONS:You can elect to be notified in real-time by email or text message when we identify a potentially risky situation involving your child. When your child knows a notification may be sent to you, he or she will be encouraged to make safer, smarter choices.More than a parental control software,™-powered services include many more features including social network monitoring (Facebook, MySpace and Twitter), photo monitoring, activity reports, contact monitoring and much more. Subscription features and cost vary by service™ Mobile is not spyware and will not be hidden from your child. We believe in positive family communication based on trust AND transparency. We encourage you to sit down with your child and have a discussion and an agreement on exactly what will be monitored. Kids that know they are being supervised tend to make safer, smarter choices and develop healthier habits.If the application is uninstalled, you will see that data is no longer collected in your online account and this should naturally prompt a conversation with your child based the "ground rules" you have established.

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