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Do you check fare charts every time you get into an Auto rick? Do you wonder if you have paid the right fare after the trip? Or do you feel cheated about the fare you have paid? If YES, “Fare Meter” is for you.Fare Meter lets you find and compare fares between any two locations for different service providers. It uses GPS/ Wi-Fi/ Mobile networks to identify your current location so that you don’t have to input it every time you check for fares to any destination. The app is integrated with Google Maps and shows the route that you would be taking. You can also share your current location and fare information with your friends over Facebook/Gmail/Twitter. The application comes configured with tariff presets for 17 cities in India. It also allows you to add your own services or tariff presets or edit existing ones to update fares, if they change. Which means this app can be used anywhere. Below is the complete list of features available:1. Calculate fares between two places without traveling2. Full support to configure your own services3. Call service providers directly from app4. Map view5. Share fare information with friends over Facebook/Gmail/Twitter6. Share your exact GPS location with friends from the home screen. Can be used if you want to be picked.7. Distance in Miles and Kilometers8. Support for multiple currencies9. Round Up calculations10. Export services as XML and email it to friends11. Import services from the XML by placing it in the root of the SD card12. Move to SD cardIn Addition, it has a GPS Meter Mode that has all features of a physical Meter that you find in the Cab or an Auto rick. This mode allows calculation of fare in real-time while you are traveling – just like a physical meter. The following features are available in GPS Meter mode:1. Present fare2. Distance traveled3. Time taken since start of trip4. Speedometer: Speed at which you are traveling5. From location where you started the trip6. Your current location7. Wait time calculation based on Changeover speed (takes care of slow moving traffic)8. Switch fares mid-run. This is helpful if your ride is going out of town and you need to apply a new tariff.9. GPS on/off indicatorPresets available for the following cities:1. Ahmedabad2. Amritsar3. Aurangabad4. Bengaluru5. Chandigarh6. Coimbatore7. Hyderabad8. Jaipur9. Kolkata10. Ludhiana11. Mangalore12. Mumbai13. Nagpur14. New Delhi15. Patna16. Pune17. TrivandrumNOTE: IF YOUR CITY IS NOT LISTED, YOU NEED TO ADD YOUR CITY TO CALCULATE FARESTrial version also available.Please let us know what you think of this app and how we can improve it.* v 1.2.0- Added Export/Import of services: Export all services as xml from settings screen and email it to other users. Users who want to import the xml need to copy it to the root of their phone's SD card. Once copied, they can import the file from the settings screen of the app.- Switch to a different service while running the GPS Meter. This is useful when you are traveling between cities that have different rates.* v 1.1.4 - Added Saudi Riyal to the list of supported currencies* v 1.1.3 - Fixed issue with viewing route on map.* v 1.1.2 - Fixed recent issue with calculating fares between locations.* v 1.1.1 - Added support for calculating wait time. Users need to update the services under the cities section with the respective waiting charges.

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